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Welcome to the Safer Sex page created by the Family Planning and Sexual Health Association. Don't forget to write your comments before you shall exit from this page - we shall try to arrange this page in such way that you would want to return to it again. Have a nice time.

Popular opinion about the rapists.

Is violence not stimulated by our unfair positions with respect to the rapists and their victims?
What should be told to your partner not wishing to use condom?
Select the best answer in advance. When you will need it mostly your head could be busy with some other problems...

Rules of safer sex: Drive safely on a slippery way of love.
What bunch of sexually transmitted infections is offered to us by careless sex today? What happens after contraction, what should you do and what you shouldn't?

Don't you know what type of contraception should be chosen?
You will find comprehensive catalogue with pictures here.

Do you know when the pregnancy test is efficient?
Whole range of pregnancy tests which can be bought in Lithuania - together with prices and instructions.

How to calculate fertile days?
You are diligently registering the calendar of your menstruations, but you don't know how to calculate your fertile days? You can make it here.

How to win 10 pregnancy tests?
Very simple: write your story about the most memorable visit to the gynaecologist and send it to us.

Winners of safe prizes of the safe game

Online consultation
Learn what you don't know still about the menstruations.
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